Masked Man Attacks Women

Two attempted attacks, by a masked man, have left a neighborhood on edge. To quote a local resident, “It is because this is a nice area. So you don’t normally think that anything like that is going to happen around here,” said Ann.

While these types of incidents are common enough, it is easier for most individuals to ignore the possibility of an attack. In general, as a society, we ignore that which makes us uncomfortable. We don’t want to go through the pain of dealing with whatever it is.

It is my experience this is especially true with women deciding to participate in self-defense classes. For some women, embracing their personal worth is uncomfortable. They find it easier to assume “No one will ever want to attack me. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not slim enough….” and on and on the misinformed reasoning goes.

Another message I hear from women is their discomfort with the thought of hurting another person. I understand and respect this view. However, it is imperative to remember, when someone decides to attack you, they are taking away your rights. Your right to be safe. Your right to live without fear. Your right to be in control of your life and body. Your right to protect your children. Your right to own your possessions… With this understanding, women are able to shift their perspective and decide to be, their own first line of defense. Defending yourself is your personal right and responsibility. It always warms my heart to watch women gain the confidence and empowerment to be their first line of defense. #IAmPriceless #IAmWorthProtecting

Following are a few safety suggestions. Safety begins between your ears. You are in control of your thoughts regarding personal safety. Each of us really should put thought into “What would I do
if?” scenarios and be prepared to be our own first line of defense. For instance, when driving we may notice a car approaching an intersection and think, “What would I do if… that car does not stop?” By thinking the scenario through we are better prepared to handle it and have a quicker response.

In light of the two incidents mentioned in this article, here are a few options for What would I do if…

…an attacker approached me in my driveway? *Keep your head up and eyes looking around when you are in public. *Make eye contact and stay in control of your space. *Make a scene, be loud. *Keep keys or other improvised weapon handy and be prepared to use it. *Avoid allowing the attacker into your home. As a point of interest, home is one of the top three locations women are attacked. Stay Alert.

….an attacker entered my car with a gun? First and foremost, take important precautions. Preventing will always be safer than countering an attack. ALWAYS, keep all doors closed and LOCKED. ALWAYS! Avoid sitting idle in the car, get in and go. Should you decide to follow the attackers instructions to drive, you should know your chances of survival are greater where you are, than in a secondary location. As for redirecting and disarming the gun, this critical and doable training is best taught in person.

One mistake folks do make time and again is letting their sense of familiarity with a place lull them into a presumption of security. Keep your guard up. Stay alert. Recognize when your environment is changing and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to stay safe.

So while there are many things we can do to prevent being targeted, and a variety of ways to counter an attack, the fact we live in a world where violence occurs means we need to make our safety, our priority. Taking I Am Priceless, reality self defense training is a proactive measure to enjoy life with confidence and courage.  Learning to redirect and disarm an attacker with weapons, are just a few of the positive and empowering ways you enrich your life through I Am Priceless self defense.

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This link has the full news story. Masked man attacks

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