I Am the Current

Fellow yoga teacher and friend, Tori Palatas shared this poem on Instagram. When I first read her masterpiece I was struck with how much I related. Perhaps you do as well.

It is our honor to feature her and her art on I Am Priceless. She did not provide a title so I chose one I felt fitting. Comment below and share your love with Tori.

I can no longer remain stagnant with the pretense of stability.
I was not made to falter and freeze, I was not made to be "sturdy."
I am going to rush, to flow, to roar, I feel it in my heartcore as it
pulses pulses pulses
there is boldness in my veins.
I am dizzy with strength, with might, and it is MINE, it is my potential that I hear pounding in my ears, it's the war drum of my blood sending vibrations through the universe.
I thought I could be the rock, but that is not my truth. I am the current.
I am the rushing river as it crashes over you and pleads mercy from none. I am the swell, but the truth is that I've been swelling for far too long - swell subdue swell subdue swell subdue
and I thought that was my rhythm.
The only rhythm I hear now is the rushroarbattlecry of the all consuming river inside me.
I am the oh shit as you see the rapids ahead
and you tried to contain me
as though you can contain river in a jug.
I am free, but I am more.
I am the roar.
You thought you could stay my course, but those rocks and thorns and strangling vines have only made my eyes wild. I throw myself wide, but does a river really know where it goes? Does the foam whisper and guide its way?
I trust.
I plunge deeper through the jungle with a toss of my waves, and the turbulence knows and the riverveins know and my heart deeply knows.
I am called. And here I answer.
This I know.

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