Strategy for Transformation

One of the biggest lessons I have been learning in recent years is the importance and application of self-compassion. Self-compassion is opposite of the hard-headed, hard-handed discipline I grew up with.

Hard-headed discipline taught me to be critical and judgmental toward myself and others. It added to my shame, guilt and fear. Because of it, I embraced false identification of who I am and an incorrect understanding of what life had to offer me. It taught me to be my own worst critic, never believing I was living up to expectations, not good enough.

Being introduced to the concept of self-compassion, honoring myself, and treating myself with kindness came by way of my yoga journey. Certainly this concept of self compassion, love and grace can and should be taught through out childhood by loving and caring adults. However, it can be embraced later in life.

All of my life I have asked ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ on the topic of my health… wanting to know how I can regain my health, overcome symptoms and live above disease. While I know there are elements of disease beyond my control, I also know there are many I can control, such as diet, nutrition, staying active, meditation for a healthier mindset, etc. This is just how I have embraced life.

So it really isn’t a surprise I began looking for answers with my emotional health. I want to be healthy, happy and whole. I want the best for myself. It is then I am able to give my best to others. This has meant making some changes. Viewing changes as a means of self care/self-love instead of anger or rejection toward myself, allows me to be successful with my transformations.

Some of the kindest things I have done for myself have been letting go of other people’s expectations and changing some of my view points. Instead of seeing personal challenges as weakness or setbacks, I embrace them as opportunities to grow. More and more often I am able to do this from a place of self grace and kindness. This is where I can best support myself and #healforward. #iampriceless

Whatever holds us back in life accumulates dust in our minds (and dust clogs filters). Yoga can help us clean the dust and debris from our minds, bodies and emotions so we can breathe freely, move smoothly and live abundantly. We can overcome the storms and set backs of life. We can change, evolve, transform.

Maybe you relate. Let’s connect and continue decorating our futures with self-love, grace, kindness and compassion. Let’s soak it up and then sprinkle it everywhere, leaving a “fairy trail of love and grace” everywhere we go. #weareallpriceless

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