Meliorism Beyond TEDx TAMU

Meliorism, this unusual word was first known to be used in the 1800s. Being unfamiliar with it, I was excited to learn it was the theme for the TEDx TAMU 2018 Conference. How fitting for me to be nominated and selected for such a momentous conference!

Time and again, from friends, family and even fellow conference speakers the question was, "What the heck does it mean?". I have already looked it up for you; Meliorism: the belief that the world tends to improve and that humans can aid its betterment.

I founded I Am Priceless, Inc. with the desire to create a safe community for survivors to overcome the trauma of their past, break free from the bondage and live life freely and on purpose. Enlightening each woman to her inherent self worth. Each. Of. Us. Are. Priceless. Our basic humanity affords us respect and love. Equipping our I Am Priceless friends and members with self-defense, yoga and meditation for their #healingforward journey allows them to take control of their minds and bodies. I know from my own painful experiences that Empowerment, confidence and strength flourish when we have healthy ways to work through trauma AND a supportive community. A community enabled to 'hold space' for us when we need it. A community which encourages, understands and releases judgment.

I do believe we can aid in the betterment of our world. This betterment begins when we understand 'Be the change you wish to see' includes changing our judgmental beliefs and thoughts toward ourselves first and foremost. It means acknowledging the connection of our beliefs to our words, and of our words to our actions. To better our world, we must be willing to change. We can only change our world, when we change ourselves... For you see, our destiny is directly linked to our habits, which are actions repeated again and again.

Meliorism is a philosophy of I Am Priceless, Inc. With every woman we enlighten, equip and empower we are beginning a ripple of transformation. One which will continue to radiate out impacting everyone it encounters, bettering our world. A ripple of inspiration allowing the next woman to live her purpose, on purpose.

If our mission and guiding principles resonate with you, it will be our honor to share this journey of meliorism with you. Contact us. Tell us how you found us and what strengths, passions, and wisdom you would like to add to our vibrant community. We need you! Take Action. Join us an an advocate, volunteer, partner, blogger, and/or donor.

Here I am with the other Session 2 Speakers and a couple of our team members, Howard Partridge, Erika Flesch, Andre Thomas, Shayla Rivera, and Haley Jircik. The Battalion covered the conference. Here's the link. Thank you @MattMcDowell43.



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