How Important is Self Care?

Self Care is deliberately choosing to engage in activities for our mental, emotional, and physical health. Making healthy self care a priority, is essential to improved moods and reduced anxiety. It is crucial for each and everyone. When life becomes heavy, stressful and/or we are #healingforward after trauma, self-care is a non-negotiable! Quit letting life events keep you from Self-Care. 

Scientific research is proving the healthy impact yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation are having on our mental, emotional and physical health. They are excellent tools for Self-Care.

If yoga, pranayama and meditation are still uncomfortable for you, there are endless ways to incorporate Self-Care into your life. Focus on sensations to activate your sensory perceptions. By doing so, you are focusing on the present moment, releasing worries.

Wiggle feet in sand ~ Listen to birds ~ Get a massage ~ Snuggle a pet ~ Breathe in fresh air ~ Watch clouds ~ Sip & Savor herbal tea

Mental Focus may sound counter intuitive to Self-Care. However, it might be just what you need to release negative, stagnant energy.

Clean out a closet ~ Dive into a puzzle ~ Read something different, (since I typically read yoga, psychology, self help books, for me this means a novel) ~ Try a new activity ~ Color ~ Draw ~ Paint

Following society's teachings, we tend to label emotions as “good” or “bad". In reality they are simply energy in motion. Release judgment and allow your emotions to be, then move on.

Cry when needed ~ Laugh often ~ Accept your emotions ~ Journal ~ Self Compassion (begins with self)

Physical Release allows us to move past the unhealthy mental chatter.

Yoga ~ Walk ~ Run ~ Dance ~ Bicycle ~ Hike ~ Color~ Draw ~ Garden ~ Nap (if you need to)

Social outings can be a healthy option for Self- Care.  Keep them positive for #healingforward.

Book Club ~ Lunch Date ~ Phone a Friend (skip messaging and actually talk) ~ Grab friends and take a road trip ~ Start or Join a Support Group (this is why I founded I Am Priceless, Inc.

We are all spiritual beings, as such we need to nurture our spiritual nature. Get in touch with what matters to you, your values. Release religious dogma and other's expectations.

Read inspiring quotes ~ Read poetry ~ Meditate ~ Get out in nature ~ Journal ~ Make a gratitude list ~ Pray

My daily self-care includes beginning my day with about 10 minutes of meditation; sipping a dark, bold cup of coffee for the taste and aroma sensations; and quiet time to myself to read and/or journal, preferably sitting outside where I can hear the birds begin their morning. As you can see, I incorporate sensations, and spiritual nurturing to prepare my mind, body and emotions for the day ahead. This slow and inward beginning to my day also prepares my digestive track for the day ahead. More on this another time.

Extra, Self-Care for me will be beach trips, swimming and sunning at the pool, shopping for fun, playing with my grandson, road tripping with my hubby.

With all this said, how do you make Self-Care a priority? What do you include on a daily basis? Do you have a Go To way for extra Self-Care? Comment and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.





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