No More Chronic Back Pain!!!

My life changing experiences with Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra...

Hello Friend!

So many years, I have lived with chronic back pain. In my efforts to eliminate it I focused on every physical symptom which could cause back pain. I addressed digestive and elimination challenges with dietary adjustments, misaligned hips with chiropractic adjustments and massages, stiffness with yoga, and weak muscles with strength training.

Then, I learned physical pain can be related to emotional and mental health...  Well, how do you like those apples!?

As I developed my yoga and meditation practices I found a little more relief. My breath work, pranyama, and a growing mind-body awareness have been instrumental as I de-stress and learn to let go.

While everything I did brought some relief and I would go a day or two without pain, nothing brought continuous freedom from pain. I slept on a heating pad most nights, waking up in pain and restarting the pad when it shut down. I traveled with a heating pad when I was gone overnight. I ALWAYS used the seat heater in my car, even in the middle of our Texas Summers. Applied heat brought more relief than over the counter pain killers. Prescription pain killers made matters worse by constipating me. Back pain was my way of life for so long, I don't know when it became chronic.

When I traveled to PA in April for Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, my trusty heating pad went with me. Much to my blissful surprise, I did not need it after the first couple of nights! My back pain was non-existent!

I had painful knee restrictions, but my back felt great!

While I'm sharing, I feel it is important to get more personal. As I indicated above, digestion and elimination where among my physical 'ailments'. They are common maladies from living in a constant state of fight-flight, and where all I knew for most of my 50+ years. (yes, I remember having these issues in childhood.) Managing my health meant going to great lengths to ensure my bowels moved daily and comfortably. The slightest extra stress or a rushed morning meant constipation and the resulting pain and complications. Friends, I'm saving you the graphic explanations here. But for those who relate, I want you to know I Feel Ya!

So back to my week in PA and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. By the second day, my digestion and elimination where the healthiest I can ever remember them being. Comfortable, healthy bowel movements multiple times a day became my norm. And they continue to be better than they have ever been. I am still mindful about managing stress, my supportive morning routine, and nutrition. But wow, this feels so good.

With the passing of time and coming into menopause, insomnia began to make nightly visit. I am deeply grateful to share, this exhausting symptom also waned during my Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training.

Why? How could guided rest make these difference? Each time I practice or guide a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra session, my body is able to de-stress, heal and respond by:

  • slowing my heart rate
  • lowering my blood pressure
  • slowing my breath rate
  • increasing blood flow to my major muscles
  • reducing muscle tension

This can happen because my Parasympathetic Nervous System activates, processes adrenaline and cortisol, which is a very good thing, and allows basic bodily functions to regulate. Pretty cool huh!?

It is my understanding, there are research studies being conducted at Stanford University, UCLA, Yale, Harvard, Alter Reed Army Medical Center, Ohio State University, Medical College of Ohio, Banaras University and others. The findings are showing how a regular yoga nidra/meditation practice is a feasible means of preventing and reversing numerous ailments, including chronic pain and stress related illnesses. Since 90% of illness is stress related, yoga nidra is a simple and doable means of taking control of our health.

My experiences are so profound I want others to enjoy the benefits of reducing stress and allowing their bodies to rejuvenate. To work with me privately, email me at For general guided rest, I am guiding FREE sessions on Sunday mornings on FB Live. Pop on over there and start listening. Share it with your loved ones and let's help each other live healthier lives. Namaste Friend!

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