Yoga for Healing

Yoga for Healing???

What is Yoga for Healing? It is a safe place to restore mind, body and emotions. Regina shares information,

yoga, meditation and breath work to soothe the nervous system and bring our bodies into a state of rejuvenation. We end each session with Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra so you can release stored tension and leave refreshed.

Is it for Me?  Yes, if you are ready to let go of that which no longer benefits you. Yes, if you are wanting to release the past and the negative effects of stress, trauma, etc. Yes, if you are wanting to regain your mental, emotional and physical health.

What can I expect? You can expect a calm and peaceful environment; space and time to heal on a cellular level. You will be encouraged to release expectations and judgments. Simple, low key solutions are offered for overcoming the negative impacts of stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD.

Where? Regina offers public Yoga for Healing classes once a month at Yoga Pod, College Station. She also offers virtual private classes via

"I create an environment for my clients to feel safe, heard and given the opportunity to #healforward."

Join me for a public class or email me: to schedule private Yoga for Healing sessions via

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