You Matter.

Guest Blogger: Raquel Masco

I was prepared to blog about Suicide as this month, September, is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. Then I received word that a pastor who was also a dedicated mental health advocate, completed Suicide this week.

My heart is heavy. I am struggling to find the words for this blog. Perhaps that is the best place to be. Maybe not having all the answers is the right thing for this blog. Grace may unfold as I work this out with you the readers closer to my heart and not merely anticipating how this post will be received. I will keep your hearts in the forefront of my mind. For it is the condition of hearts that guide so much of our lives. Yes, our brains are a major player. Depression and

other mental health issues are real. It is usually the damage done to our hearts and souls that has the most affect. We become stuck, confused and lost. For some of us there is pain that we can not express because for us it is indescribable. How do we articulate pain that reaches to places our human hands cannot touch? Where do we begin? Our stories are unique. They are personal and they become sacred. For some they become repressed..memories not to be touched. Our body is designed to protect us and when the pain is too great it will do just that. So, dear one, do not rush any healing, any progress. Give yourself grace. Begin your steps in self-advocacy.

Begin to fight for you. What does that look like for you? For many of us, it is learning about our own feelings. If we grew up in a household where feelings were shot down, criticized or ignored we have to learn the names of our feelings. For some, we have to learn and accept that it is okay to express painful and not so positive feelings verbally. We all get bombarded with messages that, no one wants to hear anything “negative” or be around anything/anyone “negative.” Good vibes only right? So most of us I believe walk around in a self contained prison. We should be able to live free. We should be able to live. Reaching out to someone who has proven to be a safe space when you’re ready can do wonders. We need to be able to be transparent without fear of ridicule, rejection or abandonment. This may be a time when you can only give that to yourself. You may only be able to be transparent with a trained professional or a loving support group. Find ways to remind yourself of your value in this world. You matter to someone. Someone needs you and wants you to live. Someone wants you to thrive. May you get to a place where that someone is you.  

If you are feeling like taking your life, please reach out - call 1-800-273-8255.


Photo by Timothy L Brock on Unsplash

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