7 Things to Keep in Mind When Leaving a Domestic Violence Situation

The following blog entry is provided by Naeem Law Firm, PLLC


1.       Make sure to take your important documents with you i.e., passport, birth certificates, medical records, family pictures, etc.

2.       Stay off social media and turn off all location services. You do not want the abuser following you.

3.       Don’t post bad stuff about the person on social media, especially if there are kids involved. Just because you delete it, it doesn’t really go away. You can be ordered to download your social media history.

4.       Have a place in mind to go to such as a shelter, friend, or family member. And be sure to let them know about the situation so they don’t accidentally tell the abuser your location

5.       If you have bruises or there’s holes in the walls, make sure you take pictures before you leave and keep them in a safe place. Do not delete them even if you get back together with the abuser

6.       Seek legal counsel.

7.       Lean on friends and family during this time as it can be incredibly frustrating and scary to go through.

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