"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." ~Albert Einstein

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Where Can You Help?

I Am Priceless, Inc. acquired our 501c3 status June 2017. As a new nonprofit, we have big dreams, drive, determination and deep passion, as well as much to do. Anywhere you are able to step alongside us and grow with us is greatly appreciated.

  • Professionally designed letterhead
  • Social Media Interns
  • Webmaster Intern
  • Accountant
  • Collaborative Partners
  • Ambassadors - VIP Members
  • Fundraising Volunteers
  • Event Volunteers
  • Creative Minds
  • Motivated, Passionate I Am Priceless liaisons for starting campus chapters at Texas A&M, Sam Houston University, and Texas State University.

Let us know what resonates with you and/or of any questions you have. Here is an easy way to connect with us.


Our Objectives

I Am Priceless, Inc. is built upon 4 Core Values:

Enlightening * Equipping * Empowering * Enriching

As we fulfill our mission, women everywhere will become better equipped to face daily challenges, move beyond perceived limitations and once again, or maybe for the first time ever, discover what makes their hearts happy; where they are invigorated; and how to ENJOY this moment, and each day. We are creating societal change and breathing new life into weary souls.

Read more about each of our values here.