Perceptive and Engaging Self Defense Kappa Kappa Gamma enhanced

Through the Priceless Safety seminar, women discover their inner strength and learn to live life without fear. Regina equips and empowers women with mental and physical protection skills.
Regina's message always includes, "You are Beautiful, Confident, Strong and Worth Protecting!" ~Regina Rowley. Women have the power and ability, within, to protect themselves.  
Regina provides perceptive insight to the many ways we can mitigate and prevent attacks. Priceless Safety seminar includes key tips for enjoying your day safely around campus, at home and during community and social interactions. Learn how an attacker uses the element of surprise against a woman and how we can make it our best friend.

Bring Priceless Safety to Us

During your Interactive Dicussion Regina will guide the group through a Risk Assessment and provide immediate suggestions for mitigating risks.
Priceless Safety includes a special Behind Closed Doors Interactive. Participants learn and practice techniques for:
  • If an Unknown Attacker attacks from the rear
  • If she is grabbed in a Bear Hug
  • If a Known Attacker gets too friendly
  • If a relationship becomes abusive
  • If she is being raped
Priceless Safety seminar enlightens and empowers ladies to embrace their worth so they can share their worth.
"You are enough. You are good enough. YOU are Priceless!" ~Regina Rowley. Together, we are changing the dynamics so women are free to live life on purpose with purpose.

YES! Bring Priceless Safety to Us!

I Am Priceless program is 2 hours, longer by request. The investment to bring this unique and perceptive program to your campus is $1500. If you are within a 3 hour drive of College Station, TX, your investment is only $1000.