SherriSherri Glisson is a woman on a mission as the founder and CEO of Sherri G Speaks. She is a contributing author to Amazon Best Seller, “Behind Her Brand” and is blazing a trail for women who are ready to live life beyond the restraints of the corporate desk.

Sherri began pushing the status quo as a teenage mother, overcoming hurdles with grace. She won't tell you it was easy, or give you shortcuts - she WILL however, tell how she survived. Through financial devastation, mental and emotional abuse - Sherri tells you how her faith in God helped her stay strong, even when she felt like buring her head in the ground.

Her voice radiates with the passion of inspiring women. The humor and energy she brings to the stage is contagious and have you leaping to your dreams. Sherri keeps it real, classy and has women unlocking their potential with the blink of an eye.  Sherri G Speaks

Sherri's Favorite Quote: "Deal with your past. If you don’t deal, you don’t heal."