I Am Priceless, Voices of Victory Over Violence started in 2015 with a simple idea: survivors could help each other by speaking up, by giving voice to the unspeakable. This idea has been nurtured, discussed and incubated as it grew into this tangible book declaring #NoMoreSilence. Beautiful women who found the confidence and strength to share their story, as well as their #HealingForward journey are the reason this life changing book exists today. It is our hope and desire for fellow survivors to read and see they are not alone; to borrow courage and confidence from each of us and continue #HealingForward. Our stories can also enlighten the family and friends of survivors, so they can provide better support.  For YOUR Special Autographed copy, click the Add to Cart button.      For a non-autographed copy Click this Link
We look forward to connecting with you in the I Am Priceless community; growing and enjoying life together. We hope you will join the I Am Priceless Social Media Campaign helping others embrace their worth.
The Co-Authors
The fact is this book wouldn’t be the success it is without each of the co-authors. Take a moment to look at each author’s bio and learn more about her.