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I Am Priceless, Inc. speakers are passionate and inspiring. Women of all ages find hope and courage as they embrace their personal value. Together, we cultivate and influence each woman so she becomes a sphere of her own influence.


I Am Priceless, Inc. Self Defense

Self defense is a personal privilege. You can and should be prepared to be your own first line of defense. Regina provides reality based self defense classes and will bring them to you and your group. 

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Online Self Defense

Our lives are non-stop and our schedules full. However, we don't know what we don't know. Enjoy the convenience of learning and growing in your personal protection, from the comfort of home. Let's grow your confidence together. "Confidence is the unconquerable enemy of fear." ~Regina 

Empowerment Online

I Am Priceless, Inc. Voices

We bring the enlightenment and empowerment to your event. Let our passionate and purposeful speakers enrich the lives of your staff, members, and/or event participants. Contact us today to see how we can join forces. Together, we are creating societal change.

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