Empowering Voices of Victory

I Am Priceless, Inc. speakers are passionate and inspiring. Women of all ages find hope and courage as they embrace their personal value. Together, we cultivate and influence each woman so she becomes a sphere of her own influence.

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Our Mission

I Am Priceless, Inc. is a support community to help female survivors of interpersonal violence rediscover their self worth through guided empowerment.

Through educational enrichment, online support and encouragement, we can begin to create in each woman the presence of mind and spirit to create a life outside the influence of past oppression, to transcend the negative impact of past abuse, and find peace and purpose in her life.

By cultivating these individual victories, I Am Priceless, Inc. influences each woman to become a sphere of her own influence. This, in turn, creates a ripple effect; flowing out into a world dominated by ideas about women, which lead to and perpetuate abuse. This ripple effect begins to change our influence to one which embodies the acceptance and safety all people need in order to reach their greatest potential.

As a 501(c)3, it our desire: to spread an idea which ultimately creates a world where ALL PEOPLE, from their very birth, are endowed with a visceral understanding of their immense personal worth.

Our Founder

Regina Rowley ~ "Confidence is the unconquerable enemy of fear."

The Spring of 2015 found me spiraling into depression. Anxiety and anger reared their ugly heads in my life almost daily. Insecurity, inability to make a decision and the only too familiar fear of never being good enough, telephobia, were my constant companions. I welcomed death, wished for it.

As a survivor, and a champion for victory over violence, I was caught by surprise. How could I react so devastatingly to ghosts of my past? Why was I in this comatose state? I had to get out!

It was time to address the generational skeletons of abuse and continue my #HealingForward journey. Through this process, and realizing others want and need a support system, it became clear... a community was needed. It is my hope, I Am Priceless, Inc. will provide exactly what you are in search of, for your own personal, #HealingForward, journey. Together, we are stronger. Healing hugs as you #HealForward.  Namaste Friends!

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Our Core Values

I Am Priceless is built upon 4 Core Values:

Enlightening - Equipping - Empowering - Enriching

As with any change, we must first become aware of the need to change. This is when we become enlightened. Our new found knowledge leads to answers and tools to equip us as we change. Through this process we become empowered and are more confident in our daily lives. We all need acceptance and safety to reach our potential. As we are liberated and embrace our potential, our sphere of influence expands and leads to the enrichment of lives around us.

#HealingForward, the ripple effect....

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