Transforming Trauma – Beta Group

Transforming Trauma is a private, virtual, trauma sensitive course to assist you on your #healingforward journey. We endeavor to be trauma sensitive with our yoga flows, yin yoga and meditation sessions. Understanding we all have unique experiences and triggers, we encourage you to be gracious with yourself.

If you become unsettled during a session, seek professional guidance with a licensed therapist, psychologist and/or psychiatrist.

This Beta course is a courtesy offering for I Am Priceless, Inc. friends. We ask for your feedback, insight, and suggestions to make this as beneficial and user friendly as possible. You may send them to 

You are also welcome to be part of our private support group on FB. Send a private message to Regina Rowley on FB to learn more.

Click the link to register and begin #healingforward.

Transforming Trauma Beta Group Course